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Friday, April 30, 2010


Here at LeeBess we believe that comfort, style & fun are key...for everything! Not only our clothes we design for you but also our life & business meetings! Because if we're not comfortable at our meetings how could we possibly create comfort for you?!  So what better way to discuss some hip designs & plans in NYC than by relaxing at a Starbucks, sipping Skinny Vanilla Soy Lattes & Soy Chai Tea Lattes?...YUM! But even though our meetings chill we work hard. For you. We want our clothes to be comfortable- something you'd want to wear everyday. A piece that doesn't stay long hanging in your closet or folded up in your dresser. A wardrobe favorite-everyone's got one. We want LeeBess to be those favorite threads you always want to wear. And with our up & coming line we think they will be! You won't be able to decide which piece to rock first- they'll become your wardrobe favorite!



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Welcome to LeeBess!

We're an up & coming clothing line that creates our clothes to fit your personality or mood.

We use recycled, vintage, & new fabric for our designs.

They are comfortable, highly individualized & can be dressed up or down- which ever suits you! 


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